A typical survey would include

CCTV inspection of the required pipework accompanied by high-pressure jetting if necessary

A full written report with a detailed computer drawing of the drainage layout, photos of problem sections and a DVD if required.

Any defects will be noted and a recommendation issued with a quotation for any repairs

Our survey reports are written in a clear and professional manner allowing easy reference to each drain section surveyed.


It is not always possible to repair on install drains and pipes without undertaking traditional trench excavation work.


We have experienced specialist excavation teams capable of working in both the private and public sectors


If you are considering buying a property, a pre-purchase drainage survey, carried out prior to exchange of contracts will provide a detailed report of the condition of the drainage system.  All CCTV surveys include a full written report of findings, recommendations where appropriate and colour DVD recording.



Pitch fibre drainage systems, for a period of time commonly installed in the united Kingdom, are now starting to fail on a regular basis, causing blockages and structural damage.


The pitch fibre pipe systems cannot withstand ground pressure, causing squashing and loss of shape.  In addition the pipework bubbles and blisters form, as a result of hot water flowing through.  The effect of these is to reduce the bore and flow of the system.


Failure to remedy identified problems to pitch fibre drainage systems can result in further degradation of the pipework and surrounding ground, followed by the risk of structural damage to surrounding properties through subsidence as a result of the leaking drainage system

Using specially developed trenchless technology we can reform the damaged pitch fibre pipework, restoring it to its original shape, and then effect repair using CIPP lining.  All this can be done without the disruption of traditional excavation methods, and providing a cost saving of over fifty percent on average.



Defective pipework can be repaired using advanced soft lining techniques. The liner is impregnated with a polyester resin and then inserted into the drain. Once in place the liner is inverted using water or air pressure and left to cure.


The resin being used and the ambient temperature at the time of installation will directly influence the curing time. In the vast majority of cases liners can be installed and cured the same day


The good drain company offer comprehensive drain and gully cleaning maintenance programmes for apartment buildings, schools, restaurants, office blocks, government buildings, factories and other properties with a high level of employees or visitors, tailored to suit the client's specific needs.  Normal maintenance includes:-

High pressure cleaning of all foul lines including stacks.  Clearing debris, catch pits and gullies in play or parking areas.  Clearing of storm water systems.

Descaling and removal of uric acid from primary pipework in urinals through to the stack pipe.  Replacing damaged or leaking primary pipework.  High pressure cleaning of all foul lines including stacks. 

Cleaning and checking fat traps running from canteen restaurant facilities.  Fitting enzyme based chemical dispensers where fat in the drains is causing blockages.



High pressure water jets are used to clear obstructions in blocked drains caused by detritus, grease, dirt and debris.  High pressure water jetting can almost completely remove all these materials which can build up over time within a drainage system.


Sometimes using rods effectively can clear a blockage without the need for high pressure water jetting.


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